Boy Scouts of America


Why Scouts BSA?

We’re glad to see that you are considering joining Scouts BSA – perhaps the most accomplished youth leadership development program in the world! Scouting achieves this through active camping, outdoor activities, and a challenging advancement program designed to help develop a boy’s self-confidence and self-reliance. Get hands-on learning with other troop members at weekly meetings and on scheduled camping trips. Scouting is available to boys who are 11 through 17 years old.  All you need to do to join Troop 14 is visit any Troop meeting and fill out a BSA application.  We meet every Thursday night from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM at Wilderness Community Church (10501 Plank Rd., Spotsylvania, VA 22553)

There are many local Scout Troops…why join Troop 14?

Troop 14 was founded in 2005 and is chartered by Wilderness Community Church in Spotsylvania, VA.  WCC is a tremendous sponsor and supporter of Troop 14;  WCC affords Troop 14 two dedicated meeting rooms, an outdoor play field for Patrol competitions, and a large multi-acre wooded parcel and dedicated space for our four patrols where they can hone their outdoor Scout skills.  We have an outdoor fitness course and pre-built stations for teaching Scout skills.  We’re thrilled to call Wilderness Community Church our chartering organization!  Troop 14 embraces the idea of fun with a purpose and we are boy-led.  Adults monitor and coach the Scouts, enabling them to lead and follow without constant oversight.  This allows each boy to grow in his leadership skills as he participates in the program.

Our vision is to be the area’s premier Scout Troop by:
–  Creating and maintaining a strong boy-led Troop culture;
–  Developing experienced and capable boy leaders
–  Instilling strong values through outdoor and wilderness activities
–  Creating an environment where boys want to participate as scouts until they are 18 years old.

Joining is as easy as…

  • Contact Scoutmaster Chris Stec at about visiting a troop meeting on a Thursday night. 
  • Individual Webelos should contact the Scoutmaster after the visit if they are interested in joining Troop 14 and make sure the troop knows when the crossover ceremony will be held.
  • (Click Here—–>)  Join Troop 14!   
  • Then, complete the forms Boy Scout Health History Part A and B, after your Troop visit. 
  • Turn in the BSA Registration, Health History, and joining fee to our Treasurer during a meeting. 
  • Webelos should turn in paperwork and joining fee prior to their Crossover ceremony.  The joining fee helps offset the cost of Scout Handbook, Troop Numerals, Neckerchief and slide, Registration, and Boy’s Life fees.

Start attending Thursday troop meetings bringing your Scout handbook, wearing your full uniform.  Make sure to ask the Senior Patrol Leader which Patrol you are assigned to so that you can obtain a Patrol patch and paracord to complete your uniform. 

Troop 14 maintains four patrols:




Troop 14 Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept boys into the troop year round?  


• How big is the troop?   

Our Scout membership fluctuates between 25 – 40 boys.  We have over 20 registered adults.

• Who is the Chartering Organization?

Wilderness Community Church
10501 Plank Road, Spotsylvania, VA  22553

• Troop meeting time & place?

The Troop meets every Thurs. 7:00-8:30 PM (year round except holidays). The Patrols may meet occasionally on an as-needed basis.  Most meetings take place at Wilderness Community Church.

• Is the troop boy-led?   

Yes.  New youth leadership is elected twice a year – March and September.

• How many patrols?

Four. This fosters both patrol identity and healthy competition.

• Will Webelos bridging into the troop be kept together or separated?   

Once boys earn the rank of “Scout” they are placed in one of the two junior patrols and led by youth Patrol Leaders as well as an experienced Troop Guide.

• Does the troop have a written plan/calendar for the entire year?   

Yes (prepared each June).

• Are the adult leaders trained?   

Yes.  The Scoutmaster, all Assistant Scoutmasters, all Merit Badge Counselors, and the entire Troop Committee maintain appropriate BSA Training certifications including Youth Protection Training.

• How many Assistant Scoutmasters are in the Troop?   

Currently the troop has 10 Assistant Scoutmasters who act as mentors to the patrol leaders and scouts.

• How fast do boys seem to progress through the Ranks?   

At their own pace.  The BSA’s general timeframe for rank advancement is First Class in 1 year+, Star in a year+, Life in a year+, Eagle in 1-2 years.  Each boy’s advancement greatly depends on his participation in summer camp, weekend outings, and weekly meetings in addition to taking his own initiative to advance.

• Does the troop have a plan for summer camp?   

Yes.  Our troop normally attends summer camp the first full week after the school year ends.   New scouts normally participate in a “Brown Sea Island” program, older scouts will participate in a high adventure/water program of their choice, while most scouts will participate in the merit badge program. 

• Does the troop fundraise? What are the fundraising plans? 

Troop 14 conducts fundraisers throughout the year that supplement the Troop’s budget.  We encourage the sale of Attractions Coupon Books, plant sales, mulch sale, and an annual yard sale.

• What camping equipment does the troop own?   

3-man tents, cooking equipment, stoves, lanterns, axes, two trailers, etc.

• What camping equipment will the scout provide?   

Sleeping bag, backpack, hiking shoes, mess kit, flashlight, pocketknife, etc.

• Does the troop emphasize a special interest?    

No, outings will vary to include camping, hiking, bicycling, canoeing, skiing, shooting sports, civic volunteer projects, etc.

• How are boys recognized for their achievements?   

Rank Advancement, merit badges, and special awards are recognized twice:  Immediate recognition with the rank or merit badge patch at the closing of the troop meeting when the award was completed and then again at a Court of Honor with the official rank or merit badge card signed by the Scoutmaster.  Court of Honors are held quarterly, generally in March, June, September, and December.

• What is the cost of joining the troop?   

         Dues and registration fees average less than $13 per month, generally paid annually.

        $60 One-time Joining Fee (pays for handbook, book cover, neckerchief, slide, and shoulder loops).

        $153 Annual Fee, which is comprised of:

$85 Annual Troop Dues (covers the cost to run the program)

$68 Annual BSA Registration Fee (this is comprised of a $66 registration fee and a $2 insurance fee). 

• What level of parent participation is required? 

The more the better for both the parent and son.   Various volunteer positions are available for a variety of troop programs.  How each parent contributes depends on their personal skills, interests, and availability.

• Does the troop have a set of By-Laws? 

Yes.  The document governs the troop organization, objectives, methods, code of conduct, etc.  You can find a copy of the By-Laws under the Parents section on the website homepage.

• How do I join? 

Complete a BSA application & pay the joining fee.