Boy Scouts of America

Merit Badges at Home FAQ

Can two (or more) Scouts use the same computer? 

Yes! Each should sign-up separately so units can track each Scout’s progress, but they may share a computer for each day’s session. They will each have a chance to mark themselves “present” during daily attendance. 

Do we need a camera and microphone? 

We strongly prefer you use a device having both of a camera and a microphone. Scouts will be participating in discussions and need to be actively engaged. Audio participation is a requirement, video participation is highly encouraged. We are using the ZOOM meeting platform which also has an app that works on smart phones and tablets. 

What meeting platform is the Council using? 

The NCAC is using the ZOOM meeting platform which also has an app that works on smart phones and tablets. Before you begin your class please test your connection in advance – Test Zoom. If you need additional training on how to use Zoom please visit Zoom training videos – 

How will they get their “blue card” Merit Badge Applications? 

The counselor will maintain a record of the Scout’s completed requirements and generate a completed “blue card” Merit Badge Application for the counselor’s signature and the unit leader’s signature. 

How will Youth Protection and “no one-on-one contact” be maintained? 

When Scouts arrive for a merit badge, they will be placed into an online waiting room. Once the counselor determines multiple Scouts are present, the counselor will be admit them. We encourage parents to stay within earshot to monitor their Scouts activities. We also strongly advise the Scout complete or renew their Cyber Chip before taking online classes or complete the activities in the Cyber Chip program that involve Scout and parent. 

When will I receive instructions from my Merit Badge Counselor? 

Normally, you will receive your instructions from your Merit Badge Counselor the day before class begins, but some may arrive the day of first session.