Boy Scouts of America

New Scouts

Congratulations in your decision to join the Boy Scouts of America and Troop 14!  This site will have helpful information for new Scouts and their parents.


New Scouts can get a copy of the “New Scout Study Guide.”   It will help you earn the rank of “Scout!”


Scout uniforms are comprised of a Boy Scout shirt, pants, belt, and socks.  Scouts are expected to be in uniform at all meetings and events.  However, the Troop recognizes that it may take time for new Scouts to accumulate all uniform parts.  Scouts will be required to have all uniform parts not later than prior to their Second Class Board of Review.  There are several techniques for obtaining uniform parts:

  • Online at
  • The troop maintains a small ‘wardrobe” of uniform parts that other Scouts have outgrown.  See the Scoutmaster for details.
  • The National Capital Area Council maintains three “local’ Scout shops.  These stores allow your son to try on uniform parts, ensuring a good fit:

National Capital Area Scout Shop
9190 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20814-3897
(301) 564-1091

Northern Virginia Scout Shop
5234 Port Royal Road
Springfield, VA  22151
(703) 321-4836

Richmond Scout Shop

4015 Fitzhugh Ave.
Richmond,VA. 23230-3921
(804) 355-0628


Scouting Gear

Please ensure your son has the following personal items for Troop campouts:

  • Mummy-style sleeping bag rated to 20 degrees (a three -season or winter bag) is appropriate
  • Bed roll (closed cell) / sleeping pad
  • Headlamp (preferred) or flashlight
  • Water bottle or Camelbak
  • Appropriate clothing (cold weather, wet weather, etc)
  • ‘Mess kit” to include plate/bowl, cup, utensils
  • Daypack or small backpack
  • Basic pocketknife (once trained by Troop 14)
  • Appropriate footwear to include at least two pairs of wool socks.  We recognize that boys grow quickly and hiking books are not cheap.
    The reality is sneakers do not offer the warmth or protection that hiking shoes/boots do.

As scouts advance and become more skilled, many Scouts add the following to their personal collection:

  • Fire starting tools (Flint and steel)
  • Personal stove (no liquid fuel)
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Personal water purification system
  • Pocketknife or multi-tool
  • Sleeping bag liner (extends a three-season sleeping bag into a winter bag)
  • Hiking boots (sneakers just do not do well on campouts)
  • Backcountry backpack
  • Personal backpacking tent or hammock
  • Camelbak