Boy Scouts of America

Troop 14 Camping Gear

Troop 14 Camping Checklist

Camping Gear
Sleeping bag (three season)
Closed cell foam sleeping pad (or inflatable Thermarest ground pad)
Small flashlight WITH spare batteries
Mess Kit:  Small plastic bowl, cup, Fork, spoon, Knife
Daypack  / Small Backpack (for day hikes)
Wide-mouth water bottle (Nalgene) filled with water
Emergency whistle
Pocketknife or multitool

Class A Uniform (shirt, pants or shorts, belt, socks)  (for Friday and Sunday)
Troop 14 Class B Shirt  (To wear on Saturday)
Troop 14 Class B sweatshirt (To wear Fri or Sat night)
Change of clothes or for sleeping

Personal / Comfort
Rain gear / poncho
Small camping pillow (optional)
Toothpaste / toothbrush
Toilet paper
Small snack

Scout Stuff
Scout book / paper with pen

Cool / cold weather (optional)

Sleeping bag liner  (a good way to make an existing bag last year-round)
Jacket (light / medium, heavy, temperature dependent)
Polyester fleece pullover (not cotton)
Poly long underwear  (top and bottom)
Stocking cap

Boots or hiking shoes (waterproof is best, but not 100% required)
Hiking socks (wool or poly, no cotton)
Extra wool or polyester socks (no cotton). One pair for each day.

Summer Outings
Bug spray

Advanced gear for later in Scouting (Makes great birthday or Christmas presents)
Full sized backcountry framed backpack
Personal first aid kit
Pocket stove and integrated cookset
Water purification system
Compression Sacks (optional, but handy)
Hiking poles
Small trowel
Bear bag kit
Bear spray
Carabiner and paracord

Advanced,  Summer Camp: Add the following
– Personal hygiene (soap, shampoo. Deodorant)
– Towel / washcloth

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